Song of the week - The Lurch

Ack! This regular blogging thing is hard. You let one week slip and then you’re in deficit. The semester has wrapped here, and I think I’ll have time to actually write again. If everything goes... Continue

Song of the week - B1

My new favorite music for hardcore focusing sessions is the intense minimalism of Nisennenmondai. This trio from Japan churns out epic 15 minute meditations at the boundary of post-rock and dub techno. They’ve been at... Continue

Large Margin Micro Blogging

While intricate deep models are all the rage in machine learning, my last post tried to make the case that we still need to care about model regularization. As it has been since the dawn... Continue

Song of the week - Not Again

I’ll get back to the machine learning and optimization shortly, but I’ve impulsively decided to use this space to indulge all of my random interests. So here’s my song of the week: “Not Again” by... Continue

Bottoming Out

In order to get a grasp on what makes optimization difficult in machine learning, it is important to specialize our focus. Nonconvex optimization is so general, and what makes deep learning hard may be completely... Continue

The Hardest Part

I’d like to thank Moritz, and Nisheeth, and Sanjeev for letting me guest post over at Off The Convex Path. I really enjoyed writing up my thoughts, so I’ve decided to dive in and try... Continue

Saddles again

Originally posted at Thanks to Rong for the very nice blog post describing critical points of nonconvex functions and how to avoid them. I’d like to follow up on his post to highlight a... Continue